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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Advocacy about Education Access and Quality

Photographer and artists Vincent Tremeau's art project One Day I Will raises awareness to the importance of young people around the world to get an equal chance to receive quality education. aims to fulfill young people's aspirations and enable them to participate with their full potential in the development of their societies. is born from Vincent Tremeau's photography project combining art and social documentary photography to portray hopes of the youngest generations. The project is a vector to engage conversation on education access and quality - as well as on inequalities - and to provide creative, innovative and disrupting solutions. We strive to make our visions stand strong by using the blockchain and inviting the communities to fund in this empowerment move. 

The photo project is a wonderful tool to sensitize both adults and children from their youngest age. We believe that educating is everything.


Our vision is to work with professionals on specific educational projects such as: supporting media, human rights, storytelling and journalism. We envision resulting in an excellent pedagogical tool for teachers and their young students. In Estonia, pedagogical content to raise awareness among the youngest has already been developed by our partners. We strive that educational pattern becomes a worldwide free content for schools to apply in their education programs in order to raise awareness.

Supporting Education Access

In order to go beyond the photography work and the advocacy, is aiming at supporting education by financing projects initiated by us, which are developed based on obstacles we witness and the dreams children share.

Beyond the advocacy purposes, One Day I Will organization aims to turn this art into educational support for children based on these three pillars:

1. Supporting education access as a priority:

We believe accessing quality education is a pillar to empower the youngest generation and build inclusive development. Every young person should be able to go to school and have access to equal chances in life. aims at sponsoring children, teenagers and young adults so that they can get access to quality education.

2. Provide vocational training:

We want to help young people achieve their aspirations by providing capacity building skills in diverse sectors to empower them. should sponsor the teaching of entrepreneurship skills to educate young people towards their dreams.

3. Promote children’s rights and gender equality:

We believe girls and boys should be equal in their rights and everyone should equally get the chance to fulfill their aspirations.

Communities to be Supported in Priority for Further Partnerships

In March 2022, having worked 8 years on One Day I Will project, Vincent Tremeau already portrayed children, teenagers and young adults’ hopes from 20 countries: Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Nepal, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Salvador, Colombia.

Our vision is to work with already established partners in these countries of our children to bring support to the people Vincent Tremeau portrayed and to their communities.


We believe that Art is a vector to promote positive values and influence decision makers, but can also constitute further opportunities. Collaborating with various art and photography institutes, galleries, events and exhibitions in the creative fields will enable the art world to support our future generations by the artwork being purchased, presented and diversified. also strives to support artists, musicians, writers and help them distribute their work together with Our support contributes to the expansion and sales to raise funds both for the artists and’s further projects in each of the communities where the work is coming from.

Other areas in which we want to develop and grow interactively are:

Digital World Access and Development i.e. NFT art projects

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment of Girls

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